10 de setembro de 2012

Suicide Prevention Day

One death every 40 seconds.” – World’s Health Organization

 On average we lost 3000 people by suicidal means every single day. The attempt of losing their life is mainly due to mind disorders, and stress caused financial problems and interpersonal relationships therefore more people die from suicide than from murder or war. Sadly, the rates of world suicide are increasing every year and one of the most effective ways to reduce it is prevention.

The prevention must be started by spotting signs that may relate to suicide (such as sudden behavioral change, depression, isolation, sadness, recklessness, interest on death and self harm, drugs or alcohol consumption, giving away belongings, suffering from a life lost or a great change, lost of concern about self care…) and try to reach for contact to those who might some of these signs. Talking about the subject may be a good way to get closer to the disturbed person however the best would be to sit and listen all that they may want to put out. People who are attempting suicide look for someone to trust, listen and care for them and the last thing they want is to be alone, they are already feeling rejected from the world which is one of the reasons that led to their problem. To listen is not to judge, advise nor interrogate, just to be quiet and listen, it is not that easy. Afterwards would be the best to start a treatment and rehabilitation in order to restore the self-esteem, confidence and respect for themselves.

Highlighting that today is Suicide Prevention Day, some people honor the victims of suicide and those who attempted suicide to aware the society of the facts and help those who need support by wearing yellow which has the significance of joy and freedom and writing “Love” on their wrists.

Life is wonderful. Love the life you live and live the life you love.

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