17 de março de 2012

Dark Shadows!

I've been surfing around the network yesterday, when I found an update from Tim Burton. The trailer of the new movie "Dark Shadows" was released. I didn't knew a thing about it, but I got very curious, because I like Tim Burton's movies and his dark style. Then I found out that it is based on a late 60's gothic style TV show/soap opera with all genres mixed (thriller, romance, comedy, mystery, sci-fi, horror, fantasy...).

Anyway, I started watching it, and I was like:

"Uuuuh.... that guy looks like Johnny Depp... wait! That's Johnny Depp!... amazing make-up. LOL" They are the Collins... comparing to the silly Cullens. "brushing teeth... fantastic!... sleeping upside down... omigosh.... what the.... wooooow.... vampires, witches, werewolves and ghosts?!" and ended with "MUST WATCH IT!" 
I liked how well they represented the vampire lifestyle, how beautiful that witch is (witches are always catchy) the interesting story and the 70's fever! The "Dark Shadows" are awaited to the movie theaters by 11th May of 2012.
Please agree with me that there's no better partnership than Burton's and Depp's. So many good movies made together...
Well, I'm dropping here this fun trailer, and I'm out of here... Duty calls.

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