24 de dezembro de 2011

Carols - My Top 9 - 2011

Merry Holidays! Merry Christmas!

I brought to you a list. No, don't worry. ;) It's not my Christmas list, it's a part of my Christmas Playlist. I'm just crazy about these holiday songs, they lift my humour, and can make me smile for the rest of the day. There's no December for me without this magical sort of music. So I decided to share, again, this powerful tool for every single person who enjoys this season of the year.

I have chosen some songs, from my extended playlist, the ones that had stuck in my head. Believe me, I regret nothing, it's just wonderful how they create the perfect christmas spirit. Even for me! I live in the Cape Verde islands, of the western side of the African Continent, however I have this feeling of happiness that Rudoph and Santa are going to stop by. LOL 
And let it snow tonight here, even metaforically!

9th - As much as this sounds crazy, a christmas song from Phoebe (FRIENDS - TV series), is stuck here in my crazy mind. Just funny.

8th - Please come home for Christmas - Eagles

7th - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Gene Autry

6th - Ho Ho Hopefully - The Maine (from their great christmas seasoned album " ...And a Happy New Year")

5th - Winter Wonderland - Jason Mraz (terrific musician, Mr. A-Z is one of the bests! <3)

4th - Mr. Winter - The Maine

3rd - Twelve days of Christmas - this one is classic, but I enjoy it very much.

2nd - Santa Stole My Girlfriend - The Maine (a little sweary, but it's awesome)

1st  - Santa Baby - another classic, performed by several artists, still great. <3 the best for this year, at least for me. ;)

(this one is the original version, performed by Ertha Kitt in 1953)

Merry Christmas Guys, wish you love, joy, peace and all the good possible energies. :)

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